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We Are Trusted for Patient-Oriented Dental Services in Gander

Gander Family Dental Clinic provides a dependable and affordable range of other dental services in Gander. From dental restorations to wisdom teeth removal and pediatric dentistry, we help patients across Gander have access to qualified dentists who provide top-notch dental solutions.


We offer removal of wisdom teeth in our office or we can arrange for a referral to a certified oral surgeon for difficult impactions. Wisdom teeth require removal in most patients for various reasons including difficult access for cleaning decay, or reoccurring infections. We also provide dental options like Mouth Guards, BitePlanes, Bleaching Trays etc.


Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.


Trust Experienced Dentists in Gander

We are a team of experienced dentists providing a range of dental solutions with the help of the latest equipment.

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